What information we collect?

We require a few pieces of personal information from you if you wish to register, vote, comment or enter on our website (or any combination of these). We will require your first name, surname, email address and cell phone number. In addition, if you are entering (rather than simply voting or commenting) then we also require the first name and surname of the entry.

Additionally, our servers will automatically collect your IP address and device's user agent.

We use third party plugins, for instance, Facebook and Google who may collect further information from you, in accordance with their terms and conditions.

Mandatory information

In order to comment on the entries we require your first name and email. The email is not displayed on our site but is used to detect spam submissions.

In order to register to vote we require your first name, surname, email address and cell phone number.

In order to enter we require your first name, surname, email address, phone number and first name and surname of the entry.

Should you win a prize we will also need your banking information as well as a copy of your ID.

Why we collect your information?

We require information for the normal running and entering of our competitions. If you are a prize winner we require your ID and bank account info so that we can verify your identity (according to the KYC requirements) as well as to make payments to you.

How long we keep your information?

If you have entered a competition we will delete any images associated with your entry one month after the competition, UNLESS you are a prize winner featured on our winner's page. In that case we will keep your image on the winner's page for six months.

We will automatically delete your information from our servers after twelve month's of inactivity. For example, if you enter in January to take part in a February competition and then you stop accessing the site after February (ie, no more access from March), we will delete your information automatically at the end of February the following year. 

Who do we share your information with?

We share information with our SMS service providers in order to process and send SMSs to you. We also share your email address with our email service providers in order to process and send emails to you.

Additionally, the payment gateways we use will collect the information you enter on their apps or web pages, according to their own privacy policies.

Other third parties include Google, Facebook.

Request to delete your information

You may email us to request to delete your information, or you can log in to delete it yourself by clicking on the profile link and then clicking on the button to delete your information.

Please note that this will put your information on our delete queue. The information in the delete queue is permanently deleted six months after being placed on the delete queue.

Note that requesting to delete your data during the course of the competitition means that you will forfeit any votes you have received and you will forfeit any prizes you may have won but not yet received.

How do we secure your data?

Our servers are protected by SSL encryption. We update our server software as well as the code running the competition on a regular basis. Your actual data is stored on a separate server to our web sites, so a breach of the site does not mean a breach of your data.

How do we handle a data breach?

We will notify you in the event of a data breach. 

Cookie Data

We use cookies for our login and fraud detection functionality. Most cookies have an expiry of no more than 24 hours, meaning that from the time that you navigate away from our site, cookies will expire and be removed by no later than 24 hours.

Login cookies have an expiry of 30 days. Do note that if you log in again within the 30 day window the cookies will be reset to a further 30 days.